Ly is a jewellery and textile major from The College of Fine Arts (UNSW), Sydney and graduated with first class honors. Her foray into drawing began with an unsettling urge to confess to a boy who loved cats. As the feelings burgeoned, the occasional hobby developed into a passion. Today, she traipses through town during her free time, and makes every cafe her home for the hours that she’s awake. Armed with the mighty pen and paper, and a coffee for inspiration, she delicately translates life’s joyful moments and inspirational quotes into a piece of art. Ly’s artwork is a dreamy melange of fine illustration, cats, people, and splashes of colour.

When she’s not drawing or drinking gourmet coffee, she would be teaching art to little ones and making crafts. She believes that every kid can draw and hope to nurture art as a language of expression.

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Airbnb, Starbucks, Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, SPRING Singapore, Tiong Bahru Bakery, 40 Hands, Merely Ice Cream, Jewel Cafe and Bar, Butter Studio, Homebodies Cafe, Kiasu Espresso, Butter Studio, Kult, Stripe Ministry of Waxing, Astroscale, Hock Siong

Rain, Hayne & Shine Farmyard, Australia
My Town Eating House, Brunei
Star Hostel Taipei Main Station, Taipei
Dorm 1828, Tainan
Cafe Flaneur, Tainan


[2015] Artist in Mentorship Programme, Nanyang Girls High
[2014 - Currently] Adjunct Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic
[2012 - Currently] Freelance Art Instructor
[2011] Digital Art Instructor at Rivervale Primary School


◘ "Talent Exchange", Taiwan Lanyu 蘭嶼,Marbling Workshop
Public garden, Naiise and more. 


Solo Exhibitions

◘ "Lyttle People, Parallel Worlds",
    Hock Siong Warehouse, Singapore.


Group Shows
◘"Hyperdimensions", Singapore Design Week
Project凳子 for Nanyang Girls High, Gillman Barracks 
◘Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto.
   Represented by Petit Morpho Gallery

Solo Exhibitions

◘ "I put my heart in a safe place and forgot to feel",
    PVS FART Movement, Singapore.

Group Shows
◘ Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
   Represented by Petit Morpho Gallery


Solo Exhibitions
◘ Merely Ice Cream, “Catboy”
◘ Butter Studio, “Catboy”
◘ Petit Morpho Gallery Hongkong, “Catboy”

Group Shows
◘ Mongrels Are Awesome 2014,
   Three Legs Good, Objectifs, Singapore
◘ Eat Drink Art, Mad Nest, Singapore
◘ The Book Show 2014, Petit Morpho Gallery, Hongkong,
   “Noone can unlock the secrets of the heart”
◘ Seni Mini, Mi Casa Su Casa, Singapore, “Polly in Kyoto”
◘ Cats of the World Photo Exhibition, Singapore, “Catboy


Archifest 2013 - Small Conversation, Illustrator.
National Arts Council - Artworks Selected,
   Noise Singapore 2013 Showcase Exhibition

National Arts Council - Noise Design Team,
   Postcard Design for Noise Singapore.

Dulux Child’s Play Challenge - Selected Artist for Wall Feature
BooksActually, Singapore, Goodwill Bookcases Design
Uniqlo x Noise Singapore, Design Limited Edition T-shirt
   Sold exclusively at UT POP-UP

Noise Singapore, Woodlands Civic Centre,
   "Oh Happy Days" travel journal

Noise Singapore, Star Vista, "To The Edge Of The Skies" apparel
Noise Singapore, Raffles City, "If You Had One Wish" installation.

Fred Perry 60th Anniversary Celebration, "The Birdhouse",
   Organised by OIC Singapore + Monster gallery + Friends.

Renew Lace Exhibition, CofaSpace, Sydney,
   "Four Items of Gold" jewellery

education & awards

University of New South Wales
College of Fine Arts (COFA), Australia
Bachelor in Design Studies
First Class Honours

Temasek Polytechnic
School of Design, Singapore
Diploma in Visual Communications
Top Graduate

[2008] Dean List, College of Fine Arts, UNSW
[2008] Golden Jubilee Scholarship, UNSW
[2007] Phillips Design Excellence Award
[2007] Crowbar Awards Finalist
[2007] Basheer Graphic Books Course Bronze Medal
[2007] Temasek Design School Director’s List Award
[2006] Temasek Design School Director’s List Award
[2005] Temasek Design School Director’s List Award

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